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Hi, my name is LuvLuv, and as you have probably guessed by now, I’m black. You probably also think the title of this message is shocking. And if you’re a Black singer, you’re probably wondering if I’m “selling out” our black music heritage by giving away soul singing secrets. But by the time you finish this article, you will see that you don’t have to be black to learn the techniques that black singers, black soul singers and black gospel singers have picked up through African American culture for centuries.


My course, “How To Sing Black”, is a window into the world of black singing techniques as you’ve never before seen. As you read through this article, you will start to feel like you can touch a part of the black singing experience like never before.


Ever since the first Africans were brought to America, white singers and musicians have sought to learn the amazing black vocal style techniques from black singers and black vocal coaches, then incorporated those techniques in their own music and arts industries. It’s common knowledge that popular white singers like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis learned from the styles of black singers and incorporated African American style and dance moves into white popular culture. This cross-pollinating of styles continues today and can be heard on pop, rock and urban radio stations around the world. You may even be delightfully surprised to know that BOTH of the head vocal coaches for all of the American Idol finalists are black.


I have had the pleasure of preparing students for American Idol, including Hollywood quarter-finalists and semi-finalists in both seasons 6 and 7. I’ve also trained many white singers who have gone on to win talent competitions, audition for the Disney channel, and win national industry events including the International Modeling and Talent Network conferences.


My teaching style is easy and focuses on “all” the elements a well-rounded and confident singer should know. But can I tell you something? (Lean in closer…) Most of my white students stick with me because they want to know how to sing with the charisma of their favorite black and “blue-eyed soul” singers (like Justin Timberlake, Cristina Aguilera, Beyonce, Rihanna, Fergie, etc.). Because I’m black my cultural background as a black gospel singer, R&B songstress, session singer, keyboardist, hip-hop drummer, arranger, producer, talent coach and teacher comes naturally to the table. And my students love it!


But lean in closer, because I’m about to tell you the secret about “singing black” or “singing soul”. Are you ready? Here it is:


Singing with style can be “taught”, but singing with soul is “caught”.


I can hear you now, saying “what does that mean”? Well, here’s the difference. If you’re a white singer that grew up in a middle-class or upper class culture, your life experiences and cultural background will not be the same as a person who has grown up in cultural disadvantage, poverty, or oppression. Negro spirituals, blues, jazz, rhythm & blues (R&B) , gospel, hip-hop and even rock & roll music styles are American-grown and uniquely born from the African American experience. A person who comes from a long history and background that was forged from the pain, struggle and triumph of these experiences is more naturally exposed to and sympathetic to the musical expression birthed from this background.


What many people call “soul” singing is really the emotional touch of the collective black experience, expressed in specific vocal and musical stylings that highlight the history, dreams and aspirations of a resilient and powerful culture.


I can’t give you soul. What most of us call “Soul” is an intangible element that only is birthed from individual and cultural history. In other words, “either you have it or you don’t”. Or said another way, “soul is what you feel”. Or another way, “I know soul when I hear it”.


So, let me say it again: I can’t give you soul.


But what I WILL give you in my easy to follow, step-by-step course, is some of the secret techniques for how to sing with more “soul”. Here are some of the secret techniques of “singing black” you will learn from my course:



After you own the “How to Sing Black” course, you will have joined thousands of white singers over the ages who have sought the techniques and discovered the secrets of “singing black”. You will have the jump on all your white friends. Your songs will feel more expressive. You will have the “secret weapon” to help you in your next talent show or competition. You will have the confidence and attitude that characterizes your favorite urban and pop singers.


Did you ever wonder why urban music of all kinds consistently dominates the Billboard charts? The mood, appeal and attitude of music birthed from African American culture has made its way into all areas of American culture, from music to dance, from clothes to commercials. America loves black music! And if you do too, and wish you could sing like your favorite black singer, this course is for you!


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I am so highly sought after for my personalized vocal coaching sessions and talent coaching for competitions that my rate is $150 per session with a month-long minimum commitment. But I knew there had to be a way to reach more people with this amazing gift of black music singing style, which is where the “How To Sing Black” course came from.


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